Avail the Benefits of Interest Deduction of Home Loan with NRI Income Tax Services

  • By: NRI Advisory Services
Avail the Benefits of Interest Deduction of Home Loan with NRI Income Tax Services

NRI Advisory Services are the best providers of NRI Income Tax Services in Dubai and as per the laws the NRI Income Tax services are actually much more relaxed in comparison to the tax laws that have been imposed on the residents of India.

Apart from these services, we also provide other services related to NRI Tax services such as Returning NRI Laws, NRI Income Tax Return, Double Tax Avoidance Agreement, and Overview of Income Tax Act.

Further, in these NRI services, the citizens have been given reductions for principal repayment under section 80C.

Also, the stamp duty and registration charges are also paid when an NRI purchases a property and this rule states the conditions that an NRI claims a standard deduction of 30%.

Best NRI Income Tax Service Provider in UAE

NRI Advisory Services has a dedicated team of professionals which has its associates in several offices across India.

Also, we don't just have our associates in India, but we also provide products in various countries.

Further, we assist the non-residents in settling the financial affairs in India and abroad as well. The advisory and compliance services that encompass the entire gamut of Taxation along with Income Tax, Wealth Tax, DTAA, Custom, etc.

Along with these services, we provide a wide variety of support services to our clients on matters related to back, property, investment, repatriation, starting a business, and family office services.

We have a well-armed team of extremely skilled and experienced professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Lawyers, and Management Graduates.

So, we provide a multitude of services for various Indian citizens who are working or living abroad and are known as NRIs or PIOs.

There are several foreign residents who wish to set up a business or invest in India and we are here to help you with our services.

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